fjackets Mass Effect 3 N7 Game Real Leather Jacket

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fjackets Mass Effect 3 N7 Game Real Leather Jacket

  • ► 100% Real Lambskin Leather ► Imported
  • ► PREMIUM QUALITY The Leather jacket men are hand-picked quality Clothing by Fjackets.
  • ► VERSATILE AND COMFORTABLE Let you move freely and enjoy the best level of comfort in summer as well as winters with this men’s Leather Blazer.
  • ► ADDITIONAL FEATURES – Enjoy attractive features like functional zippers and pockets.
  • ►DURABLE AND LASTING – This Black Leather Coat for men is perfectly engineered by our team that will live in your wardrobe for many years.
  • ► TOP-NOTCH – Develop a new sense of style every day in this Vegas men’s Black Leather Coat. Perfect choice for the casual and daily commute.


Mass Effect 3 N7 Game Real Leather Jacket Men’s Jacket for sale on Amazon by fjacket

Mass Effect 3 N7 Real Leather blazer Jacket is available for sale on Amazon. You will select the item here on our website but will check out from Amazon using entirely Amazon services.

The game is really interesting secondly it has been in demand around the last three years or so. This outfit is an exact inspiration for the famous action game pack Mass Effect 3. Worn by the main leading character of the game Commander Shepard, this replica gaming fashion captures all the high-class features that were highlighted in the real piece.

We prepared this outfit from the top quality leather. It gives you a stand-up collar design with YKK branded zip closure. Plus, it represents the N7 logo on the right side of the front chest. The jacket also provides two diagonal pockets at the waist length that enables space for your belongings, and for the original touch red stripe designing is done on the shoulders and sleeves with the thin layer feature applied in the front and in the back of the clothing. Kindly contact us if you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to assist.

Blazer coat is one of the most fascinating items for men to wear. For a gorgeous look, you must buy a real leather blazer jacket. A set of three is always the most wanted item in this item

  • Button Down
  • Original Leather
  • Men’s Blazer, Jacket
  • Two flap pocket at the waist
  • One pocket at the chest
  • Two inside watch pocket

Black real Leather

Compare Leather Blazer & Leather JEAN

One of our associates are also offering the same style of blazer jacket in sheepskin Leather Blazer You may click the link if you are interested in other options.

You can also add Leather JEAN    to your order and adding a leather jean will give you an option of using the discount coupon and besides that a free shipping option.

The leather blazer jacket is an extraction of Mass Effect 3 N7 the box game. This outfit is an inspiration for the Mass Effect 3 N7 action-pack game and it is selling on Amazon. In the game, ‘N’ originally designates as a special force. Whereas 7 refers to extremely highest level of proficiency. This is basically an alliance of personnel who are the graduates of ICT interplanetary Combatives.


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