Biker Style, Leather Shirt, Real Sheepskin, Shirt for Men


Original Leather Shirt, in Sheepskin, Let Us Pay The Shipping For You.

Leather shirt going on a discount of FREE SHIPPING you buy the item we will deliver it at your doorstep. Hurry up it is a limited time offer. Black glossy, sheepskin real leather with two flap pockets at chest.

  • Apply Coupon Code: ‘M789C4FD’ to get a three-piece set discounted offer.


Biker Men’s Real Leather Shirt, Genuine Sheepskin, Perfect Fit

Biker style, Leather shirt in real sheepskin shirt for men is for sale on discounted prices. Because of high demand, we are also offering this biker style, leather shirt in real sheepskin shirt for men as free shipping.

A Leather Shirt with lining which is a real fashionable item. Best fit, perfect styling, casual wearing.

Besides this, we also have a blazer matching to this shirt and also a LEATHER JEAN matching to the BLAZER and the SHIRT. You may click respective links to reach the page where you can find these items of your liking.

A set of these three pieces, LEATHER BLAZER, LEATHER JEAN, and a LEATHER SHIRT is the most favorite and most wanted item. Combining three you will get a perfect discount as well. Pls, do let us know if you have any specific requirements besides this.

Apply Coupon Code: ‘M789C4FD’ to get a three-piece set discounted offer.

You can have a COAT/BLAZER separate and similar goes for PANTS.

Besides this pls also visit our associates where we are selling exciting items like Leather Jackets and Long Coats

Leather shirts are one of the most wanted items in the coming season fall season. At the beginning of fall, the customer demands a lightweight casual jacket that covers the mild winter period and gives a gracefully look also.

These leather shirts have taffeta lining inside that gives you a comfortable warm feeling inside. And besides this, it has full sleeves with 9 inches adjustments. You can also roll over the sleeves. We have also kept the width of the cuffs around four and a half inches which can be rollover comfortably.

You will miss the chance if not select any of these items. These are the set of four pieces in which we have put the Leather Blazer, Leather Pants, Leather Shirts, and a Daryl Dixon Leather Vest with Angel Wings at the back.

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Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 in
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