01 Why should we wear Leather Jackets?

We should wear a leather jacket because it is one of the best materials that can keep you warm in extreme cold weather and is highly durable and can be worn for a long time. Leather jackets also have their own classy look and are always attractive. They not only provide warmth but also makes you look stylish.

02 Who should wear leather Jackets?

Leather jackets have no boundaries. Anyone living in a cold place can wear it to keep themselves warm. Some people also prefer leather jackets to look classy but others just go for warmth and comfort. If you are living in an extremely cold area then a cowhide leather jacket or coat will be best for you to be warm and cozy.

03 What is sheepskin leather?

The Sheepskin Leather is the Leather manufactured from the skin of a full-grown sheep. We use it because of its durability and resistance to cold.

04 What is Lambskin leather?

The Lambskin Leather is the Leather manufactured from the skin of a baby sheep. It is a bit delicate in nature and less durable than cowhide leather.

05 What is a goat hide Leather?               

The Goathide leather is being manufactured from the hide or skin of a Goat. It is also the best type of leather after cowhide and is being used in many of the leather items.

06 What is cowhide leather?

The Cowhide Leather is being manufactured from the skin or hide of cows and is the most durable of them all and is also resistant to wear n tear.

07 What type of Leather jacket we should wear?

Leather Jackets are divided into different styles and the material being used. One of the best Leather Material is Cowhide and is also cheaper. You should go for a cowhide jacket if you have the chance. But the sheepskin and goat hide is also the top quality as they are made from animal skins.

You can choose from a variety of jackets including a Biker jacket, Vintage Distressed Jacket, Bomber jacket, etc.

08 Which Leather we should use on what type of jacket?

The Jacket that has to be worn more often in extreme colds such as biker or vintage leather jackets. They should be made from cowhide as it is one of the best leather available. The bomber jackets can be made from lambskin as they don’t require much durability and resistance to cold.

09 What size we should select from your measurement chart?

If your Bare Body Chest Size is 18 inches then you should add 6 inches to it and select the most appropriate jacket size. This is also called the thumb rule to purchase Leather Jackets.

10 Can I have customized sizing also?

Yes, You can also order custom sizing and also custom colors for some jackets. But it is not recommended because it may vary in size.