History of leather jackets, jeans and blazers

Today leather jackets and pants are famous for their style and edgy looks. Various fashion trends value men’s leather pants and black leather blazers. Every clothing store has leather jackets, pants, and blazers too. But have you ever wondered how and why these leather jackets and pants become so popular?

Let’s take a tour of the history to see how men’s leather pants, black leather blazers, and biker leather pants became so popular and mainstream:

History of Leather Jackets:

Toward the start of 1900, the U.S flying corps pilots wore Flight leather jackets, otherwise called Bomber jackets. The primary purpose of these bomber jackets was to shield the pilots from the harsh climate conditions in the cockpit. Soon, the concept of bomber jackets for men became notorious.

Then, during WWII, they got known as the “Aircraft Jacket”. The popularity of World War two also played a role in the popularity of leather jackets.

In the year 1925, the present versions of leather jackets were produced.

History of the leather blaze:

The blazers have their underlying foundations in the game of paddling. They were designed for players and athletes. The first coats were warmup coats worn by rowers at Oxford or Cambridge – the hoodies of their time. These athletes started wearing the coats at formal events, where they were particular points of interest. That is why today, blazers are usually worn at formal events and are parts of a school reunion . A few distinguishable highlights of blazers set them apart from different coats: they didn’t have darts, vents, shoulder braces, or covering in the back.

The leather blazers were made to be worn as casual wear. Unlike regular blazers with providing a sophisticated look, leather blazers give a more badass persona.

History of leather pants:

Resulting from the legend of Wild West cattle rustlers, leather pants made a substantial rebound with the bikers of the 70s and 80s in the U.S. Surely everyone remembers the leather pants in the film Grease. In the movie, a group of teenage singers adored leather pants. They heavily influenced the fashion of the ’70s and ’80s. The leather pants became famous for both men and women.

The men’s leather pants have evolved into biker leather pants now. Almost every man has had biker leather pants or man’s leather pants at one point in their life.

Leather jackets, pants, and blazers in Hollywood:

The leather jackets acquired fame in the 1900s. Hollywood stars promoted men’s leather pants and black leather blazers in the middle of the 1940s to 1950s. Many actors paired jackets with black leather pants.

The actor Jimmy Stewart was one of the pioneers. He wore a straight leather jacket in a film named “night section” in the year 1957. Black leather pants then became a pattern in Hollywood films from that point forward.

Then the main star of the adventure film franchise, Indiana Jones; Harrison Ford also wore them. The black leather pants and leather blazers accomplished the status of the reputation it never had before. Movies like “Grease” also played a role in the current success of men’s leather jackets


The world of fashion is ever-changing, but leather jackets, leather blazers, and pants are ever green. These items have managed to maintain their reputation for almost a century now.

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