About us Jacket 4 Sale


Jacket 4 Sale is an online store based on their selling operation in the UK that has been made to serve the people with Premium Quality Leather Products.

In jacket 4 sale in the UK we have developed a manufacturing line to produce the best quality products that are unique in their looks and are tougher and better than the one’s already on the market. All these leather products being made in our manufacturing facility. Our products include leather jackets, Leather long coats, leather pants, and Leather shorts.

We had a vision in mind and a passion to produce the best quality product even better than the existing one. We built a manufacturing plant, Hired the best professionals for quality inspection, and used the most refined and premium quality skin to make leather from. J4s makes its own leather, tan it and transform it into a stunning Leather Coat, Jacket, Shorts, and Pants. 

Our Leather products divide into four portions:

  • Leather Jackets further divide into Biker Leather Jacket, Vintage Leather Jacket, and Distressed Leather Jacket.
  • The Leather Coats further divide into Leather Long Coat, Trench Coat, and Duster Coat.
  • Leather Pants
  • Leather Shorts also include Leather Cargo Shorts.


All these products are being in our workshops that high precision and perfection. We use Sheep-skin, Cow-hide, and Goat-hide to produce the Finest Quality leather items. No product is in our store goes out unchecked. Our professionals closely analyze each and every piece by hand after being checked by machines.

Features of Our Leather at Jacket 4 Sale

Let me tell you a few qualities of leather

  • It is highly durable and you can wear it for a long time.
  • It is Water resistant and can keep you dry in a considerable amount of water.
  • Leather is extremely soft and comfy
  • It can keep you warm in extreme cold
  • It is resistant to wear and tear and will go a long way with you.


Our Leather Products Special Features

We have used premium quality leather as we told you before but with that leather, we are using Tafetta Lining, Special Cotton Lining, and Viscose lining that makes these leather products stand out from other especially Cotton Canvas Weave lining.

biker leather jacket distress vintage
Cowhide Black Jacket

We are providing adjustable sizes in which you can also custom order according to your measurements. The leather being used is tanned in mills by skilled professionals that have been doing this for many years. Not a single bad piece gets out of the workshop. We provide the best of the best quality without any compromise.

You may want to check out our Biker Leather Jackets that are specially for bikers to keep them safe from cold weather. Or You can also check out our Long Coat items as we have designed them according to the need of the elite class and have revamped the fashion of the 1990s and gave it a modern touch. We have Vintage and Distressed Leather Jackets and Coats tanned by professionals in mills.

The Amazon Marketplace also inspires us; How they manage stuff and quality and provide the best of the best products that people love. So we decided to partner with them and promote the best products available in their marketplace.

The Perfection of Our Work

We hired a team of professionals who work for hours constantly and pick out the best products from amazon and add them to our store. You can have a quick look around the promotional products and you will definitely see that those products are worth spending money for.

Everything that is being added in the store goes through a series of quality checks from the raw skin to the finished product therefore everything is made to perfection. We have been manufacturing Leather Jackets, Coats, Pants, and Shorts for a long time. But now we decided to broaden our outlook and are shipping worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you live, it will on your doorstep whenever you want it.

We Guarantee our buyers and customers safe and easy returns and exchange policy. We have made a very flexible return policy in which you can exchange or refund a product within a given deadline and faults. and We also have a satisfying return policy that ensures that you will get the right stuff and if anything happens our customer service is available for you 24/7.

You can also freely contact us on the given details of you don’t find the product satisfying your need and comfort. But we are also completely confident that you will never face an issue if you buy our products ranging from Leather Jackets and Leather Coats to Leather Shorts and Leather Pants.

Go and visit our store to have a look at our finest quality products. Buy one for yourself or a loved one now as we can surely say that we are one of the best leather manufacturers.

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